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EM11g install - RAC found on Single Instance

posted 7 Jun 2012, 03:06 by Alan Nolan-Davies
Whilst running the EM11g installer I received an error telling me that the value of the initi parameter cluster_database was incorrect.

As I was trying to install EM11g on a single instance database this was not expected at all.

Looking into the logfiles crated I discovered that this error was being thrown out as the installer was querying the Real Application Clusters paramter in V$option and discovering that it was true?

Now although I do have RAC Enabled in this ORACLE_HOME I am not currently hosting any RAC databases, so on this occasion I was able to relink Oracle in this ORACLE_HOME with RAC turned off.
  1. shutdown all db's using this ORACLE_HOME
  2. cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
  3. make -f rac_off ioracle
  4. restart all db's and check v$option

If I was then going to use the same ORACLE_HOME for RAC and non-RAC databases I could then enable RAC once the Em11g install completed, or create a seperate ORACLE_HOME for the EM11g Repository Database.