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Using the Oracle Support Hub with Grid Control

posted 15 Dec 2009, 03:36 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 22 Jul 2011, 08:04 ]
Reference Oracle Support Note: 886615.1 &
This guide is for how i did it on my RHEL 5 Grid Control host, but the Support Note referenced gives Windows examples as well.

  1. Check OMS host
    • $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl status -l | grep HTTP_Server
    • HTTP_Server        | HTTP_Server        |   24017 | Alive    | 1544486943 |   356216 |  20:02:24 | http1:7778,http2:7201,https1:4444,https2:1159,http3:4889
    • this identifies http3 (the direct console port) as 4889 [handy as this is the default value]
  2. The command line tool for the OCM Repeater is found in $ORACLE_HOME/ocm/bin
    • ./ocmrepeaterctl status
  3. I need to modify the Proxy Settings so that a connection can be made to the internet.
    ./ocmrepeaterctl configure

    enter the proxy details as - using your own username and proxy host of course, port is 80 "mostly"

    This will stop and start the repeater through opmn and checking the status again will show this is now set.

On the clients that will use the support hub, you configure using the files in $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin

  1. If this is a new install you will need to run setupCCR to deploy the OCM Application
    • may need to use setupCCR -s -d (if no connection to the internet is possible)
  2. then run $ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/emocmrsp -repeater http://<hostname>[:<port>]
  3. this creates an ocm.rsp (a response file with your proxy details)
  4. then run configCCR -R ocm.rsp
  5. finally test using emCCR -verbose test and you should see your hub server is used.