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Move Sys.AUD$ in Oracle11g

posted 13 Jan 2009, 02:42 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 22 Jul 2011, 07:36 ]

It’s recommended to create a new Tablespace for holding the Audit generated logs in the table SYS.AUD$  rather than leave it in the SYSTEM tablespace


However when Oracle can no longer write to the SYS.AUD$ it will refuse any further logins to the database, so space checking is important (as usual)


I created the tablespace AUDIT_DATA in the new Oracle11g Database PHKE


Then I used DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT to move the SYS.AUD$ table


SQL> begin
  3  audit_trail_type => DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT.AUDIT_TRAIL_DB_STD,
  4  audit_trail_location_value => 'AUDIT_DATA');
  5  end;
  6  /