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RAC and DB Support Tools Bundle (Doc ID 1594347.1)

posted 17 Sept 2014, 09:57 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 19 Mar 2015, 06:52 ]

Oracle's centre of expertise has been busy building tools to automatically monitor Oracle Databases that runs on the host.

Many customers have put together their own collections of disparate tools to try and do this, but obviously using those provided by Oracle will reduce the cost of developing and deploying these tools with the major advantage that Oracle Support can be contacted when any issues arise.

The Oracle Support Note, where you can download all of these tools bundled together, is RAC and DB Support Tools Bundle (Doc ID 1594347.1)

The tools included in the Support Tools Bundle are:

  • ORAchk (formerly RACcheck) - Proactive, self service tool tool to prevent rediscovery of known issues.  See Document 1268927.1 for additional details
  • Trace File Analyzer Collector (aka TFA) - Diagnostic file collection utility to simplify collection of ALL diagnostic data into a single command executed from a single node.  Diagnostic files are also trimmed around the incident time to drastically reduce diagnostic file upload sizes.  Additional information can be found in Document 1513912.1.
  • OSWatcher (formerly OSWatcher Black Box) - Script to collect and archive OS metrics.  OSWatcher is required for many reactive types of issues including Instance/Node Evictions and Performance Issues.  See Document 301137.1 for additional details.
  • Procwatcher - A script used to automate and capture diagnostic output for Severe Database Performance issues and Session Level Hangs.  See Document 459694.1 for additional details.
  • ORATOP - A utility allowing for near real-time monitoring of databases (RAC and Single Instance), this utility is built for the Linux platform but can remotely monitor databases on ANY platform from a Linux Client.  See Document 1500864.1 for additional details.
  • SQLT - A tool designed to assist in the tuning of a given SQL Statement.  See Document 215187.1 for additional details.
  • RDA - Powerful diagnostic tool which provides a unified package of support diagnostics tools which provides comprehensive picture of the customer's environment to aid in problem diagnosis.  See Document 314422.1for additional details.
  • DA - (Installed with RDA) The Diagnostic Assistant (DA) tool provides a common, light-weight interface to multiple diagnostic collection tools (ADR, RDA, OCM, Explorer, and others).  See Document 201804.1 for additional details.
Be aware though that you must be able to run the bash shell to take advantage of a couple of these tools (Orachk & TFA), this standard came in with Oracle11g and shows the bias that Oracle have towards linux deployments.