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SQl Developer on a PortableApps USB Key

posted 21 Mar 2012, 07:46 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 21 Mar 2012, 08:19 ]

  1. Install on your USB key
  2. download SQL Developer
  3. extract SQL Developer
  4. copy extracted SQL Developer to USB Key in portableapps directory
  5. right click in PortableApps menu and 'refresh'
  6. add the line  AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=../../.sqldeveloper to ?:/portableapps/sqldeveloper/ide/bin/jdk.conf

Monitor Data Loads using SQL Developer Gauges

posted 2 Jan 2009, 07:27 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 22 Jul 2011, 07:57 ]

How many times have you sat running select count(*) queries to see how your database loads are progressing.

Using SQL Developer you can put this in a Database Chart called a Gauge and set this to refresh as often as the drop down allows.

The chart on this page is just the query

select count(*) "ICE_CONTACTLOG"
from ice_contactlog

Then I set the Max value in the Gauge Details to the expected size when fully loaded

Then I can just leave this running in a corner of the screen to monitor Load Progress.

Monitor Archivelog Generation

posted 18 Nov 2008, 03:18 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 22 Jul 2011, 07:30 ]

I've just created a new Physical Standy for one of the Oracle Databases.

Using the query below I have put this into a SQL Developer report as a BAR_VERT_CLUST chart.

select to_char(first_time,'DD-MON-YY'), dest_id, count(*)
from V$archived_log
group by to_char(first_time,'DD-MON-YY'), dest_id
order by 1

Then by setting a refresh interval I was able to monitor the graph to see when all towers where the same size.

From the chart you can see that if did not bother to retrieve the oldest archivelogs known to the primary. And some day's didn't map exactly.

But a nice use of SQL Developer reports to give a quick overview of whether the archivelogs sent to standby are up to date.

I've also posted a snapshot showing another Database that has been running for a while with a physical standby.

SQL Developer

posted 13 Nov 2008, 01:34 by Alan Nolan-Davies   [ updated 4 Aug 2021, 02:05 ]

As a database consultant I never know what tools are available on site when I arrive.
Oracle's SQL Developer tool has the enormous advantage that it's FREE and it does not require Windows Adminstrator Privileges to install.
On day one at a site it's usual that I am given a standard build PC with no privileges at all, so impossible to install any tools.
But I can download the latest version and then import my toolbox of saved reports to get on with the job immediatley.
A regulalry updated SQL Developer reports file containing the User Defined Reports that I use is available here.

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