Useful destinations for the Oracle Professional
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LinkedIn Profile Alan on LinkedIn 
My Oracle Support (MOS) Oracle's comprehensive support service that you've paid for 
SQL Developer Docs 3.1 
SQL Developer 2.1 Docs SQL Developer Docs 
Oracle Public Yum Server get your linux rpm's here 
Oracle11gR2 Docs Oracle 11.2.0.n Documentation 
Test App on Apex.Oracle.Com hmmm 
Oracle Customer Downloads Licensable Software Here 
Pete Finigan's Default Password List fantastic resource, make sure none of these exist in your database 
Application Express or APEX or HTML DB or Project Marvel Application Express(APEX) 
Oracle Communities Oracle Corp forums 
DBA page on Technet New Oracle DBA's start here ;-) 
Oracle11g Docs Oracle11g 11.1 Documentation 
Oracle10g Docs Oracle10g 10.2 Documentation 
Oracle Technology Network Free Registration, but then access to forums so you can ask the Oracle Community 
Showing 15 items